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Who causes dis-engagement and doubts?


So much is happening on the planet. Rivers are flowing. Waves in the seas are a constant. There are innovations. There is birth. There is death. And so much more. But all of this is a part of Life.

Now, there is something happening inside each of us that is mostly different from what is happening in Life. There are proposals. There are disposals. There is trust. There is deceit. There is gain. There is loss. There is despair. There is hope. There is suffering and there is ecstasy. There are likes. There are dislikes. 

It is important to understand that we have created this gap between what is life and what we are making of it inside us. This conflict causes dis-engagement and doubts. Embrace Life, engage with it. You are too powerless to impact it. But you are completely capable of becoming one with it.

It’s only when I embraced life, overcame my inner limitations, that Life displayed itself to me in its absolute abundance. Liking or disliking what I saw did not matter to Life. Once I understood it, it stopped mattering to me either.

Today is Saturday. Reviewing my week that is gone by. Not concerned with my inner likes or dislikes. Embracing life as it showcases it. Aligning it with my Goals. Accepting everything and everyone the way they are. And planning to embrace Life better over the next week.

Have an amazing embrace of Life.

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