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“Right to Evolve”
Each human is blessed with the “Right to Evolve”. Something which no one can stop you from. Listen to Sameer’s podcast and learn to exercise this "right to evolve”.
About Sameer
A Conscious Entrepreneur, Mentor, Guide, Business Coach, Consultant, Musician, a ‘Master in Gyan-Yoga’. The author of “The Possibilities of Potential”The founder of, he is on a mission to “touch a million lives”.

He stands as an example, that one can live life consciously a moment at a time, and through the “Ancient Indian Science of Gyan-Yoga”, he helps people become conscious in everything they do. He profoundly calls it “Applied Spirituality”
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Why Conscious Entrepreneurship TM
The world passed through the phases of competitive comparitive and manipulative entrepreneurship to attain big economic gains parallely increasing misery and suffering.
While I continued to offer success, scale and joy.
But now, the world is ready. People across the globe have made money and are now looking for deeper meaning in life. It is the right time to bring out this concept of entrepreneurship where you find answers from within.
Thus I bring to you the concept of Conscious EntrepreneurshipTM.
The Possibilties of Potential
This book examines internal conflicts from a unique stand point. It makes you question your beliefs, your notions, your conditioned mind. It does not provide answers, it makes you question...
With this book, Shalini and Sameer Kamboj have applied their insights and experiential learning towards developing Clarity of mind.
Clarity is an imperative need towards our journey of Life. This book Captures you in its story and connects you with each character while making you think...think really hard, and then helps you emerge through your own realizations. Clarity is Liberating: it provides the necessary motivation and does away with the noise inside our heads, it lays confusions to rest; and Life becomes easy to walk through.
This book is a journey that you wish to continue in our lives, this is not a 'self-help' book, but an insight into the process of our minds and hearts.
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Selling Consciously

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