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About Best Business Coach in India

Sameer Kamboj is Conscious Entrepreneur and the founder of SKC.World, a company that aims to plant the seed of consciousness in entrepreneurship. SKC uses consulting, business coaching, mentoring, masterclasses and events to achieve its goal of touching a million lives.

Sameer is the co-author of 'The Possibilities Of Potential' with Shalini Kamboj. He is a business coach and mentor to 1000s of entrepreneurs across the globe and aims to help people live life consciously and with abundance with their eyes open.

“Right to Evolve”
Each human is blessed with the “Right to Evolve”. Something which no one can stop you from. Listen to Sameer’s podcast and learn to exercise this "right to evolve”.
His Journey

Very early on Sameer had his interests in spirituality. As a young adult when boys and girls of his age made merry, Sameer was more of a wanderer, he would escape to Himalayas and meditate for hours and days at a stretch. In 1987, Sameer met his master on one of his journeys to the valley of flowers which had a profound effect on him.

When thrown with the challenge that spirituality cannot fetch you bread, Sameer decided to fix this notion. He met his life partner and later his business partner when he was 22. Shalini brought reasoning and emotional awareness. When he met Shalini, he realised the pressing need of participating in the daily life consciously.

Shalini brought need to apply his spirituality in everyday life, which later She brought in a new perspective of reasoning and emotional awareness.

His Mission is to
Touch a Million Lives
His Achievements

He has over two decades of experience, working as a business mentor to 1000s of entrepreneurs, CEOs and promoters of corporate houses established across varied industries. He helps people become conscious entrepreneurs.

He and Shalini founded SKC.World in Delhi with the intent of enabling people to live an intense vibrant and successful life consistently.

In 2016, SKC became a partner with Geneva Consulting Group (GCG), a global network of Management Consulting firms supporting companies and entrepreneurs across many different industries in decisions related to a number of verticals.

He is on the boards of various large companies. He is also a Director of companies in the fields of IT, E-learning, E-Commerce and Manufacturing industries.

He has been awarded “World Motivator of the Year 2015” at LMI World Convention held in Malaysia. He is also awarded “Asian-Pacific (including Australia) region Motivator of the Year” by LMI.

He is an active speaker at various seminars on topics related to Consciousness, Business Coaching, Leadership, Management, Productivity, Indian Business models, and Human Capital.

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