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Upcoming Events

Ability Enhancement Workshops

SKC Samarth - 1 day workshopNew Delhi | 27th April, 2019
  • For:
    Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Top Leadership of Companies
  • Topic:
    Scaling Up
  • Takeaways
    Understand your need to scale up and find clarity in why you are unable to scale up.
    Create a win-win plan for you, your customers and your people
    Learn from Amazing entrepreneurs who made it big for themselves
    Use the unique and copyrighted methods along with the workbook shared during the session for creating your scale strategy.
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Meet in Person over coffee

Coffee with Shalini & SameerNew Delhi | 10th May, 2019 | 4PM-6PM
  • For:
    Entrepreneurs looking for meaning and purpose with profits
  • Topic:
    A complete assessment of your business
  • Takeaways
    Meet Sameer in a small group of 20 people only. Opportunity to ask your questions directly
    Understand how business success is possible through inner transformation
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Lead your Business with Absolute Clarity

3 days to design your yearNew Delhi | February, 2020
  • For:
    Entrepreneurs and professionals who want to take charge of their own lives
  • Topic:
    Planning, Self Discipline and Effective Delegation
  • Takeaways
    Envision your business through clarity
    Plan a year of stress free business
    Create a 20 point execution plan for your top goals
    Make your business a joy to work
    Ensure a successful year for your personal and professional life
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