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Diwali – Ignite the Spark Within!


Do YOU have the light within you? A light that leads you? A light that spurs you ahead during dark times? A light that encourages you to keep moving forward, even when you are utterly confused or troubled?

Close your eyes, PAUSE for a while, and THINK. Trust me; the answer would be YES!

What do you do with this light? This inner voice? Do you ignore it? What about the times when you are calm and composed? Does this light help you navigate through the clear path and show the wider picture?

We are all born with the light inside us. This light shows us the right way, and it gleams towards the road that leads to a much simpler and meaningful existence!

However, over time, this light continues to fade. The rigmarole of growing up and adjusting to the demands of survival steals the spark. We live in a dog-eat-dog society, running imaginary races, competing financially, culturally, even religiously. In the end, only one thing is sure. Nobody wins.

This Diwali, while we all take time off our busy schedules and gather around our loved ones, let us take a moment to sit with ourselves to explore where and why we are letting the light within go dim. What can we do to keep the fire burning? How can we brighten up to achieve our true potential?

“It is going to happen, it is up to you.”

The moment you are willing to ignite the light within but fail to comprehend how – reach out to your most trusted inner self!

By applying the right tools and methodologies, we navigate ourselves through this journey towards Ignition!

On this note – We wish you a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali!

“This Diwali – Ignite the light within and celebrate a Perpetual Khushiyon ki Shubh Shuruwat!”

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