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To Realise or to Justify!


In India, Celebrations of Navaratri is on and tonight is the last night when celebrations will reach their peak. Meat and alcohol lovers wait for tomorrow in anticipation when Life for them starts again. Vegans shudder at such thoughts of the carnivores.
Fasting and restraint is practiced by most during these 9 days and nights. In an attempt to go inwards, the tradition was created. People live without their seemingly compulsive habits. They eat alternative foods. It is a comprehensive exploration of alternative thoughts, ideas, foods and routines. Have we learnt or realised anything out of this exercise, is up to us.
Realising is a habit and a life state that some people live with. Others live with justifications and arguments. Once such habits are formed, we either keep evolving by understanding how wrong we have been or we keep proving how right we are.
Getting realisations require a conducive atmosphere at home and at work place, an intent to evolve and grow, and no intent to prove our intelligence to anyone.
No one can stop growth and evolution for those who walk the path of realisation. No one can propel growth for those who walk the path of justifications and arguments.
Which is your path?
Sameer Kamboj
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    तामसिक and Satvik these are two types of fooding habits in India. Tamsik is supposed to be hot in nature and Satvik is simple and cool fooding habit. Both are used to indicate type of human behaviour generated due to consumption of certain food items. I would say these are two side of a coin. When you are on तामसिक side you perform tasks with more agression and vengeance. And on other end that is Satvik your response to tasks are firm and confident.
    Now it’s our conscious choice, which side we prefer. Both the choice has inherent success and results. Tamsik actions give instant results, but comes with some side effects. Which may not reveal themself, soon but have lasting effects, possibikty of being negative is more than positive. Whereas Satvik actions comes with fulfilling results, selfless satisfaction.
    Now its up to us which side we are on. Just be aware and take decision with awareness.

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    Yes I agree ,to each and every word but realization only comes when we are awakened and want change .If we don’t want any change we stick to same habbits and suffer whole life without realizing yet.


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