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Sthir Pragya Kriya – Leading a balance life


Sthir Pragya Kriya (The inner process of becoming balanced in total action)
Body, Mind (Intellect) and Emotions are tools given to us. Our lives produce misery and suffering despite the best of our skills, knowledge, wealth, success, health or company. The reason is simple.

Imagine yourself holding a set of tools like a hammer and a knife. Now imagine that these tools develop intelligence of their own and stop taking your commands. They start functioning all by themselves. Initially, you try to stop them, but when you look around and find that everyone’s tools are also out of control, you think this is a done thing, an acceptable situation. So long as this hammer and knife works on its own, it has a high probability of damaging you, especially when there is no way for you to stop it. When someone close to you comes near you, your hammers and knives hurt them as well. There is inconsistency in life. When your hammers and knives will cause damage and to whom, even you don’t know. This is the simple reason of our misery and suffering.

If we could tame our hammers and knives and every other tool and make it function at our command, imagine how our life will be!

The tools of body, intellect (mind) and emotions are functioning on their own. The act of making them function as per our desire is our goal. This journey in technical terms is called the Spiritual journey or a journey of understanding Self.

Just like one can use a plane, train, bus, car, motorbike, etc. as a choice of vehicles to undertake a journey, the journey to understand self can also be undertaken through various vehicles and routes. Needless to say, undertaking this journey is imperative because those who do not undertake this journey, keep suffering endlessly. If an end to this suffering was not possible, then living miserably was fine. But the real tragedy is when an end to suffering is possible, yet we continue to live miserably.

Life is a constant motion of actions embedded infinitely in each moment. Whether we choose to participate in this action or not, this action is ceaseless and is happening at a speed that is incomprehensible. Taking control of our hammers and knives becomes urgent in view of this backdrop. How would you like to travel on a bus traveling at a great speed on a potholed road with all your and your fellow passenger’s hammers and knives working on their own? We are causing constant suffering and misery to ourselves and to all those we love the most, the maximum.

Living and succeeding amongst this intense action is possible the moment our hammers and knives function according to us. The vehicle for this is called Sthir Pragya Kriya. A meditative process that brings you alive to each moment and makes you take charge of your lives.

A process, so powerful that Krishna in the most epic dialogue with Arjuna (in Bhagwat Gita) gives him this as the solution to his woes.

The first step in the series of many practices of Gyan Yog, that answer the quest of humanity and systematically helps them find their answers leading up to “Who Am I”.

It is these compulsions of the body, mind, and emotions that need to be fixed. We need to understand their root causes and deal with those roots. Once dealt, our lives become a living bliss. Ability to function beyond the compulsions of the body, mind, and emotions is “Sam Budhi”. The method to get to “Sam Budhi” is “Sthir Pragya Kriya”.

Sameer Kamboj

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