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Our Results – Our Decision


Thinking about people and their behaviours and the manner in which they impact us is unavoidable. I have noticed that most often, these discussions yield nothing. In fact, they yield negatively. Thinking about others is imperative and needs to be done since other people impact us in many ways. You need to think about how to deal with people in our professional sphere. We need to think about people in our personal life and decide how to deal with them or at times how to protect ourselves from others or how to make them more productive, or at times just to understand them better to get along with them, to give right roles, responsibilities, to help them become better, to counsel them and so on.
Thinking about People and discussion about them with others is an ongoing phenomena in our lives. Unavoidable. This can lead us to different outcomes, if done consciously. Study the following outcomes and understand yourselves better to either avoid those outcomes or to produce those:
  1. Regression in your Organisation and Life: If our core is rooted in fear, then our discussions about people will be manipulative and mean. We will examine people in a manner that is derogatory and we unnecessarily create demons in our heads. Such organisations become a go to place for regressive people and progressive people leave soon.
  2. An atmosphere of Suppression in your organisation and Life: If our core is rooted in Ego, then all we can work towards is accumulation of power. In such scenarios, our thinking and discussions about people are directed towards making people work according to us. We wish to control them. We need to emerge as Leaders by making others Follow us.
  3. Frequent Struggles and Stress in your Life and organisation: If our core is rooted in Lust, then our  thinking and discussions about people, are targeted towards making people do more than they are capable of. We constantly come up with ways to make them do more in a manner that creates higher rewards. Unconsciously, we end up using and abusing people, in the garb of motivation. What all of this eventually results in is Struggle and Stress in your and others lives. Such organisations also suffer the ambition of a few.
  4. An atmosphere of Complacence and delays: When our core is rooted in doubt, we think about people with a confused outlook. We are unsure about them and our dealings with them are unclear to them. They seem to lack direction and our organisational path is unclear. Vision is mostly absent. Such organisations are highly competitive in nature and are hungry for fame and name. The atmosphere of Real Trust is low and on the surface, trust is displayed as a top value. The outcome of such organisations is Complacence in their people.
  5. A urge for Progression and success: People with enthusiasm in their core lead their lives progressively. Their outlook about people is positive and they constantly work on alignment of Goals with people. Their lives will be busy and they ensure others remain busy as well. They create short term victories for all thereby ensuring a positive and progressive outlook in their organisation (including their family). There is a lot of material success and fame but joy, evolution and self actualisation remains a challenge.
  6. Success, Growth and Evolution through Consciousness: People with Grace and faith in their core think about people and themselves with empathy. Their intent and motive is to help people evolve and become better then who they have been. They do not judge or manipulate or exploit people. They simply create an atmosphere of growth and evolution. Abuse and contempt is absent in such organisations. Substance abuse is not seen. An atmosphere of contemplation is encouraged. People are innovative and stress free. People’s lives are balanced. There is Success, Growth and Evolution for all.
Each time I think of others in a certain manner, it tells me of my core. My life’s results will depend on my Core. This will drive me to think and deal with people in a certain manner. It is people who produce results in my life but it is my core that makes me deal with them to produce those results.
Sameer Kamboj
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