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A few months back, in one of the Samvaad’s: “A Mastermind” where I meet around 15 business owners each month, the topic being discussed was Succession planning as a means to deal with uncertainties of the future. During this discussion, I noticed that business owners were driven by fears, doubts, competition, comparison, need to prove, etc. and these emotions. were hindering them from planning their future. They were not working towards a purpose but

merely surviving. Hence the constant issues of attrition, succession, crisis, poor deliveries and poor recoveries plagued them.

This is when everyone present there suggested that SKC should curate a Samarth, which is a series of experiential ability enhancement workshops (and not just gyaan ), around this topic of “Create a 100 Year Succession Plan for your Business”

And thus my team at SKC and I started working on it…

Through active debates and discussions that have been happening around the forthcoming SKC Samarth on 15th December, I am feeling excited about it already.

Recently I met Madhur Daga, MD of Orient Bell Limited along with Mrinal Sinha who is the COO of Mobikwik, to Co-Curate this Masterclass/ workshop. To create an event out of it which would benefit the widest audience no matter the type of business, or age. We decided to break a few myths related to succession planning. And we started discussing what all shall be covered.

Both Madhur and Mrinal came from their areas of expertise.

For Madhur, Family Business was an area which was the most critical for Indian business scenarios. Where either family members hesitate in joining the business or are not allowed to fit in or find that new and old generation does not see the same path or when the current organization needs to change but older guardians do not permit this change.

While Mrinal was completely in agreement with this thought, he was also of the opinion that this event is apt for top-level professionals and startups as well and in no case, we should skip them out of this equation. As top-level leadership is like internal entrepreneurs handling huge teams, and individual department cashflows, they are struggling to raise capital, create success and win new markets.

Attrition and hiring both are a challenge and SKC Samarth is a perfect opportunity to address this issue.

Both Mrinal and Madhur have at some point ventured out and created their own startup and successful ones at that, but they shared if they had this understanding of succession planning in practicality, their business could have reached much greater heights.

Thus we finally agreed to curate it in a manner that it will be useful for Family members and professionals in family run business as well as start-ups and established large organizations.

So the final list of those it’ll benefit came out something like the following:

1. Those who are looking for success and scale in their business,

2. Those who are seeking harmony in their family,

3. Those parents who grapple with their next generation’s involvement and participation in their businesses,

4. The current generation that is struggling to make an impact in the old set ways of their family business,

5. Professionals who struggle to unleash their potential in a family run business,

6. Leaders who struggle with their leaders who do not allow or prepare their next layers of successors,

7. Startup entrepreneurs who are actively seeking to perfect their business plans.

Designing the content and workbooks to help people get the best out of their time invested on 15th December, the music, the ambiance, food, along with the effort to enroll people to attend the event is taxing but fun.

Each one of us is living 15th December every day already. So looking forward to seeing you all.

We are preparing well and we will host this event whether you come or not. But we’d love you to attend and be a part of it and make it more fun.

You can log on to to get your tickets.

Looking forward to meeting those of you who are eager and ambitious to Succeed and Grow in their lives and also ensure Success and Growth in lives of people after you are no more.

Madhur, Mrinal and I will be waiting for you…


Sameer Kamboj
🌹 🌹 🌹

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