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Complexity of Decisions – part 1 of 7 (Discipline)



In a series of 7 blogs, let us talk about an aspect of our lives that we go through everyday, sometimes happily and sometimes apprehensively. It is that part which each of us has to go through and which also defines our future and our lives. It is unavoidable, hence needs to be thought about, yet we resort to all possible means to not think about it. We try to avoid it and shift it onto others. It is something that we alone are responsible for and it defines us.
Decision making is a complex activity that consumes many people. Self doubt and apprehension comes up the moment decision making begins. Whether to do something or not, to start something or not, to say something or to remain quiet, how to say something, how much to say, when to say, who to say to, to invest or to divest, to carry on or to stop, how much to do, to grow or to wind up, and such innumerable questions in our everyday life, test and challenge us.
While a lot has been talked about it, I have found some idiotically simple steps to do this. I intend to share these in a series of 7 blogs, one every day, with you in the hope that you will benefit from it.
  1. Discipline yourself for decision making: I always schedule time each day to take decisions. I write the problem statement clearly and then examine it to consider whether it really is a challenge or is it my figment of imagination? I allocate time for it when my energy is at its peak and usually after my daily dose of meditative practices.

    Scheduling time for my most important activities that I term as High Payoff or Imperative actions, is the most rewarding step for me. An early morning time without any external distractions, with my planner, my laptop and my thoughts. A time when I’m with myself. When I’m calm and empathetic.

    This is step 1 of the 7 steps. Will share the next step tomorrow. 😊 🌹

    Do read the blog 3 to 4 times to get best out of it. Apply it and experience. Share your experience.

    Sameer Kamboj
    🌹 🌹 🌹

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    With your guidance, most difficult situations seem effortlessly manageable.
    I look forward to the next step in this series.


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