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What is Meditation (Sadhana)?


What is Sadhana (Being Meditative)?

Life has it’s ways to express that you need to get out of it.
Suffering ,pain,disease, emotional ups n downs, losses in business, losses in relationships and if you don’t understand even then , finally death.
It will somehow wake you up from your slumber. And it’s not very pleasant in such cases.
Sadhana is like waking up on your own. Without any force, internal or external. It is waking up on your own will.
I am sure you all have experienced how you feel if one day you simply wake up on your own. There is no stress on you. (May be when you are on a holiday:) )

One day someone asked me what if I don’t want to wake up??
I said, “some day you’ll have to wake up because this whole life is just a dream” 😅😅

So why not now? Why force life to wake you up with pain or shocks.?

Wake up today. Wake up now. It is much more pleasant right now.
Do your Sadhana today. 🙏
Have. a wonderful day.

Contributed By

Shalini Kamboj

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    Someday you will have to wake up because this whole life is just a dream….

    Very profound mam, thank you !


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