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What is this Life?


What is this Life really about? As a child, this was the only question that confounded me. No book or a teacher that I met gave me this answer. Most asked me to look the other way, while my quest just continued.

When a child asks where we come from and where we go, most friends point towards woman anatomy. These are the obsession driven pointers one got. In my innocence, when I asked, where did that woman come from and how did that man originate? All I got was a nudge towards some “cool” life I needed. I was bored and needed some “love and attention”, they said.

But what an idiot I was, as I went in the direction of that “love and attention”, I asked only ONE question…. where do we come from?

Now they asked me to read the Old words and seek the help of the “wise” ones. But each time they answered, my questions grew further.

Had they seen the place where we come from?

How can they believe what they’ve never experienced?

How do I stop my questioning mind and let it roll through Faith!?

Why are they unable to find their own answers even after knowing the source of it ALL?

And I kept asking. 

Tired of going round and around, like a dog chasing his own tail, one day I just stopped. Stopped looking and started seeing. That was it! All my answers came…tears rolled. Clarity emerged.

Why don’t You ask this most relevant question?

Why are you keen on attempting to preserve that, which shall perish?

Why don’t you wish to live a Full Life and are content living a life of leftovers?

After all the money, wealth, fame, attention, accomplishments, power….. where will you Go? 

Do you know Who you really are?

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