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No More Compulsions – Anaavaran


We held 2 sessions of Anaavaran – one with the ongoing batch and one with past year’s Anaavaran participants. I thank Sakshi for offering her space for one session and Naveen for offering his space for the other session.

Participants came and meditated the entire day in absolute silence, where they do not even see each other or acknowledge each other’s presence. They communicate only with themselves. They laugh, they cry, sometimes they howl, and they resolve their compulsions. They begin their day with some simple practices and then they sit to meditate and close their meditation only after they have had their realisation.

Realisation is an inner voice that breaks all the external noises and provides that answer that humans look for.

Going through a carefully crafted process, people overcome one compulsion at a time. It is almost like freeing up one’s life. Removing and dissolving all the baggage that we live with. Freeing ourselves from the bondage and unconsciousness and ignorance that we have lived with.

Ancients called it Moksh or Mukti. Freedom from compulsions. Compulsions of body, mind, and emotions. Once free, we allow life to happen through us. We no longer remain a barrier to life and then our real participation begins. It is strange how each participant thrives in their lives as they keep liberating themselves of their compulsions.

It is not an intellectual process, it is not something that anyone can explain. It can only be experienced. This stage of meditativeness is reached by a few curious ones. Those who wish to live Full Life. Those who won’t settle for half measures. Those who wish to understand who they are and why they are? Those who wish to live successfully in everlasting Joy. It is a deep meditative process, where people drop their intellectual rigidity and work on themselves. They seek answers for they are not willing to live in Ignorance of their feigned knowledge.

Holding people’s hands and taking them through this journey, days on days, months after months wherein they understand their own Divinity is our gracefully given privilege. We bow our heads to our invisible masters who work through us to make things work.

It is possible to live without compulsions. We just need to do Anaavaran (peel off our layers of “who we think we are”)…. Are you willing to explore?

Sameer Kamboj
🌹 🌹 🌹

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    Sameer Sir whom is this meant for ?
    If I feel I am curious to know who am I , but how would I know I am ready for it ?
    I have always wanted to connect with myself, It sounds like a dream that it’s possible to live without our compulsions and in everlasting joy !
    I would want to know…..


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