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Why rest?


Weekdays and weekends are a psychological game we are playing with ourselves. I have never seen life coming to a standstill, relaxing, rebooting itself. It just goes on ceaselessly, tirelessly and fully involved. My heart doesn’t know rest, if it did… I’m in trouble. My mind goes on. All my life functions are on.

I like to look at weekends not as rest days but as days full of activities. Just that I shift my focus to other things, other people, other priorities that other weekdays wouldn’t permit.

If I need to rest and recover over a weekend, then something is wrong with me. I check my body, mind and energy levels. Set right whatever is wrong and then go on ceaselessly, tirelessly and fully involved.

If I need rest and relaxation over the weekend then I’m doing something wrong with my Life on the weekdays. I don’t wait for weekends to live and enjoy my Life. I am alive each moment, all days. I can’t wait to live for the weekends while I die each week day.

Humans created the concept of weekends. Life did not. Weekends should be as intense as any other day. Start your day as you would normally do…. (OK.. A little bit late) 😊. But go on. Do not tire. Do not stop. Go on… Fully involved.

Choose your priorities… And go on.


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    Very true
    For me the Sunday is not meant to sleep the Sunday is meant to give time and enjoy life with your children. Sunday means time with parents Sunday means time with spirituality Sunday mean recording of some lovely YouTube video in my voice or my mother’s voice

    Sunday is writing e circular.
    Sunday is talking to relatives.

    To make a complete wheel of life.
    Yes. 10 plus activities make my sunday productive.

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    Sir,your words are so inspiring . Infact even I look for Sundays as Fundays 😊only and filled with a different kind of to do list….
    But yes ,at times when I look for these weekends to take a breakπŸ˜” I actually realise I was somewhere not ok the last week.. πŸ™

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    Being at rest while being busy, this makes you wonder. But being busy and still at rest is what makes one achieve what is not possible otherwise. Thanks Sameer to bring this change in me. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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    truly eye opening. Weekend can be as engaged as weekdays but nature of activity can be diffetent.
    changed my activity this Sunday.
    Thanks sir.πŸ™πŸ™

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    I agree. Sundays are the days, when I get to do things I am not able to schedule during Mondays through Saturdays.
    A well articulated thought!


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