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Productivity is not a tool, It is a Choice!


Productivity in work and business is an imperative need. Reduced productivity or lack of it can hit really hard and to avoid this, people choose to take action. In my professional life, I have met countless people who have worked towards increasing their productivity. Increased productivity is an easy means to achieve more success.

Management and Leadership studies are centered around this main theme. All knowledge, wisdom, experience, skills, and habits are directed towards enhancing productivity. Productivity is a subject of continuous improvement. The most amazing thing about productivity is that it can always be improved. All it requires is focus and attention and in no time it starts increasing. It is almost like when everyone thought running a mile under 4 minutes was impossible, Roger Bannister came along and proved them wrong. He redefined the benchmark of productivity in running.

Productivity Drivers

The benchmark of human potential getting realised is increased productivity. The modern world is taking rapid strides in technology. A technology that enhances productivity with ease is useful and accepted. In fact, the goals of human advancement can be met only through enhanced productivity. The main drivers of increasing it apart from technology are people, emotions, and the ability to think.

Without people’s active participation, goals and endeavours cannot be accomplished. How well people participate is dependent on their emotional acceptance of the goals and their outcomes, while the ability to think becomes the key to unlocking the aspects of both people and emotions.


Another important element of productivity is the differentiation between activities and outcomes. Most of one’s day is spent in activities, while productivity requires outcomes.
This blurred focus may be a consequence of old habits or ignorance. Productive people are both non-compulsive and aware. Their ability to drive outcomes through multiple activities is immense. The higher this ability, the greater the success.

Inner Realisation

Being productive is a choice. Once you have chosen productivity, it requires commitment, followed through by action. Both these aspects of choice and action are inconsistent in people’s lives. It is only when people realise the importance of becoming a productive human being, that they pick up their choices and take appropriate action. As long as people chase productivity either in the workplace or their businesses, it remains an external factor. The day productivity is ‘realised’ as a human quality and human need, it becomes the inner trait of a person. Productive humans ensure high productivity anywhere and everywhere they are present, whether in work, sports, relationships, health, mental or consciousness. For them being productive is being human. They do not need a benefit or a reason to be productive, for them being productive is the reason.

Productivity is easy to achieve when it is a choice. There is no struggle thereafter. Allowing the engaging side of yourself to emerge puts an end to all the struggles. As engagement with people and emotions (of self and others) increases, life becomes simpler with better outcomes.

The big challenge is to pick up the choice of being productive as a being. People’s fear, sense of comparison, competitiveness (to prove we are better), and feelings of inadequacy lead to effective disengagement with people and emotions. As obsessions to achieve sets in, efforts to increase productivity get a thrust. Productivity is then seen as a means to an end, while remaining disengaged.

When one does not choose to be a productive being, compulsive levels of productivity take over that lead to disengagement. People and emotions are not handled well. Only compulsions prevail. Goals also are set compulsively. Aspirations are compulsive. Relationships are compulsive. Emotions are compulsive. Decisions are compulsive.

So if you want to be truly productive, then the only way is to ‘choose’ not just in words but in your actions and ‘intent’.
You have to choose it as a way of life and not just in one task that you do.

When you choose productivity, then be it your sleep, travel, food, work, fun will be based on outcomes.

Spending time with family will become much more fun and satisfying as you engage with them with a goal in mind. You will not just watch a movie or TV with them, but engage in ways that will help everyone grow.

At SKC World, the company that I founded, we have various such programs that are an answer and not just curiosity generators. We have a record of helping 1000s of entrepreneurs become productive as a way of life.
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