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Marriage…. A Trap or A Path to Liberation?


Marriage… A Trap or A Path to Liberation??!!

Thanks to all friends who wished me and Shalini a Happy Anniversary.

I am asked many questions on importance of Marriage and why marriage Anniversary is a milestone in one’s life? Here’s my response to all those questions…

We are perpetually attracted towards the opposite sex and that’s nature’s way to ensure survival. We just get to enjoy the fruit. That’s true to an extent… But we must not underestimate the intelligence embedded into human beings by creation …

The fundamental purpose of life is to evolve and liberate. That being so…. Life enables exploration in a natural mode, it enables us to understand life in each situation.

When hormones start firing… Humans enter a phase of exploring the physicality of life in a significant way. Males want to explore female bodies and vice Versa. This being a pleasurable activity, it is done quite happily!! If we take the pleasure aside… It is the explorative and curious side of life which is active all this while. We always want to understand what’s out there. This is our first phase… We are trying to understand the physical side of life.

All those who are married will understand that soon after the physical exploration… 😊 The psychological exploration begins which most are unable to handle. This phase starts causing a lot of misery. Sleeping with someone and understanding them are two different things. The attempt to explore someone’s mind is the second phase of human exploration.

Whether one is able or unable to understand the person who he or she lives with each moment, it’s then that, the wise ones begin to question life and explore it. That’s the final phase.

Marriage is a possibility where, if the couple becomes conscious enough, they can explore, leading to their personal evolution and consequential Liberation!! Even those who are not in marriage but can remain committed to one person long enough will experience this.

When we love someone, then we don’t give up on them for their limitations… Rather we rise above them… Together.

Developing the ability to love someone who is so so different from us requires evolution and nothing else.

Don’t lose the opportunity of marriage in its mere physicality or its psychological or even emotional aspects. Explore and understand Life.

A Sanskrit shloka from Adi Shankracharya’s Bhaja Govindam which explains this possibility…

Yogartova Bhogartova

Sangartova Sangaviheenah

Yasyath Brahmani Ramate Chittam

Nandati Nandati Nande Teva.”

Let one revel in Yoga, Let one revel in Bhoga

Let one revel in Company of other or without

One whose Chittam (mindfulness) is established in exploration of the infinite(Brahmani)

That only finds joy.

Wishing Evolution and Liberation for you.

Shalini & Sameer Kamboj

Married for 25 years now…. Evolving and Liberating… Every day, each Moment… Together.

🌹 🌹 🌹

PS: How would you like to read a series of Blogs on Marriage… A Trap or A Path to Liberation?

Write to me now. 🙂

Those who are truly curious to know Life and live it with Total Success and remain Liberated in Life and in Death… Read more about us here…


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    Super beautiful thought!
    ‘Developing the ability to love someone……..requires evolution and nothing else.’
    I would like to go for ‘Marriage..a path to liberation’

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    Superly expressed..

    “When we love someone, then we don’t give up on them for their limitations… Rather we rise above them… Together.”

    If we can apply the above to each and every relation of ours, life will be a bliss and evolution is guaranteed 😊

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    Beautiful picture and a very mindful thought. I feel marriage is harnessing each other’s strength and overcoming the weakness together.
    I want to move on this path of evolution and liberation with more thoughts like this.🤗

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    Good read! Marriage (or long-term cohabitation) is a (perpetual) clash of personalities, ideologies and philosophies of life! Till the other person ‘comes around’ to YOUR ‘way of living’ and you too might/ought to change/conform so as to accommodate the other’s worldview! Conflicts are not necessarily bad (even though too much of “unnecessary” conflicts are counterproductive!) … they help to better understand your and your partner’s desires, expectations and aspirations in life … in the mutual journey of shared goals and a quest for a meaningful, joyous and fulfilling life! 🙂


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