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Last Saturday – October 2018


Today is the last Saturday of the Month. The best weather of the year. Air in Delhi is difficult to breathe but the festivities in the air are kind of cleaning it up it seems. Due to the festivities and the economic situations around us, there are two kinds of elements in the air nowadays, there is cheer and enthusiasm that is contagious due to the festivities and there is negativity and anxiety due to the economy that can contaminate. We can choose either to catch this contagious enthusiasm and cheer ourselves and everyone around us or sulk and spread anxiety around us. Yes, the choice is always ours. And my choice is clear…
Today, being the last Saturday, at SKC.World, it is a day where we all reach office (other Saturdays we don’t come to office) and get together for SKC Meet. It is a day of reflections by everyone. All of us prepare ourselves for it, we dress up well, we greet each other cheerfully, we prepare our scripts for sharing our learnings, challenges, suggestions and everyone gets an opportunity to participate. We go through an introspection of how did this month go and where are we headed as an organisation over the next few months. We make ourselves accountable without fear and instill in each other an intense desire to succeed. We take decisions about things that need immediate course correction. We track our progress on all Goals. We sing, we dance, we celebrate our successes, our failures, our togetherness, and we pay gratitude to the Grace that is making everything happen.
Last Saturdays are special for everyone at SKC.World. We look forward to this day each month with childlike anticipation.
Today is Karva Chauth as well, a day that celebrates Devotion and Love in Women for their male partners. A kind of a Valentine day with a twist. My best wishes to the lady who is fasting and is investing her 100% into the relationship she has committed herself into. It is a day of introspection for all committed couples, what are they willing to do and give up for each other? Is giving up Ego a good start?
See you all next week. Have a great weekend.
Sameer Kamboj
🌹 🌹 🌹

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