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What Hides The Truth


Dear Friends,

Keep the Faith and do the Right. Both of these are so tough to do. How do I know what is Right in face of all these adversities?

On our trip to Badrinath this time, I decided to meet a Siddha Yogi of the Himalayas. These are those yogis who do not appear on TV or social media. They remain in deep Sadhana all round the year. What keeps them going?
I searched and found one who has been in Sadhana for the past 10 years in the high mountains around Badrinath and lives in a cave all the year round, even in winters in the freezing temperatures of upto – 30 degrees Celsius. I was now keen to meet him and sit with him and speak with him. I was apprehensive for these Yogis have a mind of their own and are known to shun people.

The three of us (me, Shalini and Vidit) decided to go to see him. I could see apprehensive lines on their faces. But they trusted me and came along.
We found him as if he was waiting for us. I asked a monk if he knew where this cave was in the middle of nowhere, and he says, you are looking for me. 🙂
He took us to his cave which we couldn’t have found otherwise. Welcomed us in it. It is quite an experience to enter a space like that, I assure you. We sat down and we didn’t have anything to talk. He smiled at me and I smiled back as if all that was there to talk is over. 🌹

As we came to senses, he says please talk. After initial introductions which were purely not needed, we started to chat. Amongst many other conversations, the one that I wish to share with you all today was the following….

I asked: Baba (addressing the Yogi as Father) what is the difference between Truth and Un-Truth? (In hindi it is difference between Satya and Asatya).
Baba: Smiles and asks… don’t you already know?
Me: Do I?
Baba: Do you have a doubt?
Me: Maybe….
Baba: Truth is revealed when doubt is removed.
Me: It was my turn to smile… Do you mean that Doubt covers the truth and as that is removed Truth reveals itself? It is only my personal doubts that keep me away from it?
Baba: Smiled broadly. See you know…
Me: The only endeavour that a human needs to undertake is removal of doubts. (Sanshay) And I was smiling as broadly.
Baba: As you sought me out… others would live in doubt of my existence… but you chose to remove doubts and explore. I am sitting before you. Real. Will others believe? It is their doubt that makes gives them fear.
Me: And their fear in turn gives them further doubt and they see a rope as a snake.

All of us were laughing loudly with the walls of the cave reverberating. As if everyone had found a bag of diamonds (which we had indeed but the ones that we shining inside).

Only your Doubt keeps the truth from revealing. Once revealed, you know what is Right. Keep the Faith in yourself and work on removal of your Doubt and you shall know. When not in Doubt, you will do what is Right.
Remove doubts about your upcoming suffering that you have already created inside your head.
Remove doubt that people do not appreciate you.
Remove doubt that you are small.
Remove doubt that some harm may come to you.
Faith will emerge.
Once it emerges, fear goes. Rope looks like a rope and not a snake.

Have an amazing day and Do not Live in Doubt that you are not Divine.
You will be able to do the Right.
Sameer Kamboj


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