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How to ensure organisational growth?


One question that I have been asked many times is “how to ensure that an organisation always grows?”

Every organisation is plagued with this question, it seems. Growth has become a struggle… How can this be a question?? It surely can’t be right.

Everything in Life is in a perpetual phase of growth. There can be growth inhibiting factors, but to overcome those and grow is the most natural phenomena.

Since I work with people and organisations, I need to attempt to address this question. For those who wish to grow, please examine the three things I am listing below:
  1. Have we grown Complacent? A sense of entitlement sets in and we wish to take things easy. We are tired of carrying on with the struggle to fight strife and friction. We want a sabbatical. We want to retire and enjoy. There are times when fatigue sets in. This can be the possible chatter of the mind. Deal with it, and you’ll grow.
  2. We have no one to prove our worth to. All our life, we are used to competing and proving to others. When either few people are left or we have defeated most, then what more to do? I remember the joke where when the priest asked all gathered to forgive those who they hated. One old lady did not close her eyes and remained cheerful. The priest looked at her and smiled and spoke “here is the old wise lady who has forgiven everyone that now she doesn’t need to forgive anyone at all!” To this the old lady replied in her broken tone… “well there is no one left to forgive… I have outlived all those idiots.”
  3. The intent of the Founders – whether to grow and evolve or to survive? When Founders are busy fighting fires and handling crisis, survival mode kicks in. Once fear of survival sets in, innovation and exploration become last priority. Soon financial conditions become a concern and even growth is planned compulsively… As if to survive.
Remove these three conditions and growth is no longer a struggle.
Resolve yourself and work consciously to overcome your compulsions. Evolve and Grow.
Sameer Kamboj
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    Totally agree on all the three points. On our journey, we sometimes get disheartened by things not going the way we want them too. So I try to come out of the situation and see what my ultimate goal is, if I am working towards it and have I made progress, if so, then I again get realigned to my gaols. This gives me even more energy to work harder.

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    What an insight.!!!!!
    True that …..sameer,on an introspection…..I found each one of these factors, is one way or other responsible for hampering the growth, especially the last one ,ie , firefighting leaves little room for future planning…..!!!!!

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    Hello Sir..
    The blog led me to introspect and it came out that our plans to grow are sometimes driven by a larger intent to survive.. We make bigger goals and targets ultimately to ensure our and our future generation’s easy survival only.. In this whole process, we tend to miss the joys of enjoying this journey of our personal growth and evolution..

    Thanks for reminding us to be conscious and choose every moment ‘the reason’ we want to grow.. !!

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    Sir please tell if health does not allow you to grow what can be done?I initiate with a spark but again fall back due to my uncertain health problems which makes me feel depressed.More than this is I tried to increase my staff and train her according ly so that my family does not suffer but the staff always takes a leave when urgently required.

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      What you are referring to is purely dependent on your inner growth. Seek advise on health from a food consultant.
      As for yourself, as you keep going on, not giving up, you’ll find your body starting to listen to you.

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    Agree wih first two..its the third which is the most difficult to handle….we will first have to survive and then only can we think of expansion…with wafer thin margins, its becoming extremely difficult to survive, forget about expansions and growth…and yes growth is planned that too only for survival

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      And that’s the vicious cycle. A close examination of current situation backed by innovation in what’s being done to survive is the need this may lead to growth. We get stuck with fears and this burdens us with maintaining the status quo.

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    Process and prospects of Growth. Not only in an organization but in once life as well. a stage comes in every one life where one think that he has done enough. But then when you look at the purpose of your being then you come to realize that you have just started.
    Thanks Sameer to bring this to our life. I am reborn and had to give back a lot NOW!!!

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    These 3 observations are basic considerations for aiming a genuine development (growth). It is very important to review the motivations behind our objectives, otherwise we can easily miss our center.
    Thanks for bringing to our attention these conditions, I think that we should check these periodically in order to ensure that we keep on growing in an organic and natural way.

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    So true. Just by being aware of this fact and consciously planning separate uninterrupted time slot for innovation is helping me break this vicious cycle of survival mode.


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