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Emotional Compulsions – Part 2 – Worries


Will my products sell? What if they don’t?

Today I was confident that at least 4 people will meet me and I will be able to close with at least 2 of them but that didn’t happen. I also noticed that they were smirking when I was explaining my product and my company’s style of working…. well, one of them heard me patiently but something was perhaps bothering him so he didn’t close. Maybe, I should approach him tomorrow and try. But what is it that is not happening right??

Even my colleague handling HR has been looking at me with some questioning eyes. Maybe I am not up on my performance levels!?! The company is in a general state of chaos so obviously why will new customers want to engage with us. I fear, even the old customers will test us more. Maybe the price needs to be revised. I must check what is it that the competition is offering. I don’t see the people in the admin and HR working properly. They seem to be taking it easy and are really not doing anything for the establishment of culture…..things are not happening right”
The talk in a worried mind goes on endlessly in a loop that gives same answers every time. Life of a senior leader and an entrepreneur is certainly tough. There are too many variables. Whether the organisation is a start-up, mature organisation, regressing one or a growing one. The variables for attaining success are too many. Worry begins with very silent and small steps and once it enters the mind, it occupies it till the mind starts bursting with it. This situation now causes stress.

Worrying is a compulsion and a coping mechanism to deal with multiple variables. It consumes us to a point where we start dreading the doomsday. Fear creeps up and we fear ashen faces and all our masks of happiness and confidence are ripped off. Depression hits us hard. We try to free ourselves of it, but the more we try, the more it consumes us.

There is so much to worry about. With countless variables like… Will people do their part of the jobs? will more customers buy from me? Will people listen to me? Will they agree with me? Will they agree with each other? Will we get the material on time? Will the customer accept the goods we are sending? Will people be happy to see me? Will I be able to live up to them? etc.
Are we destined to worry?

Each time I meet people who are worried, I ask them what worries them? And soon into the conversation, their worry dissolves. What happens in these meetings? Am I a magician? Am I a mystic? Am I a Guru?

I think the emotional compulsion of worry consumes more people than cancer and every other disease taken together. With worry, we are like living dead. It is in fact pretty easy to resolve, but today, I will move away from giving a psychological Gyan, because, in my life worry did not go away psychologically. It went away through my spiritual practices of Gyan Yog.

In the 2nd step of Sthir Pragya Kriya (for the beginners) and in the 5th step of Sthir Pragya Kriya (for the more advanced), the worry that creates an energy body and then we start consuming life through this energy body, one learns how to deal with this energy body and in a matter of a few minutes, the entire spectrum of worry is dissolved. This puts us back on the track of our life in an objective non-compulsive way. There is no over-excitement, neither is there any intellectualisation. There is a simple sense of calm and peace from where we start our initiatives afresh.

Worry is not be hoarded. You need to learn to rid yourself of this at multiple levels of mind, emotions, intellect, and energy. Till then, the compulsion of worry will devour you.


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