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Designing a Day in my Life.. Make a start.


Good Morning. 😊 🌹
Did I wake up with a spring in my step?
Did I remember what all I need to do today and this week and did this memory create a visualisation of Joy and Satisfaction in me?
What feelings am I recognising within me?
Am I feeling fear? Anxious? Numb? Lazyness? Enthusiasm? Happiness? Stress?
My emotions are my responsibility. I need to see exactly what emotions and feelings am I producing as I start the day and week today. I don’t need to control, suppress or express these emotions. I just need to recognise and understand the causes of these in my morning meditation practice.
This practice kick starts the creation and design of my Life today and this week.
This helps me decide my Affirmation for this week.
My Affirmation for today….
Today is the best day ever of my Life”.
What is yours?

Sameer Kamboj

🌹 🌹 🌹


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    You are not the person who describe in word, you are thought, idea, inspiration, which are in the mind and heart of those people who know you


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