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Conscious Entrepreneurship – A New Paradigm


I was recently invited by an old friend who runs an initiative that aims to empower Entrepreneurs to improve their businesses. He met me a few weeks back and suggested that I address the audience and introduce the concept of Conscious Entrepreneurship to them. I heartily agreed and within no time, we had set up a date for this as 9th March 2019.

The need for Conscious Entrepreneurship

I was given 90 minutes for this conversation and started sharp at 11 am. As I shared the data of the World Economies on how they’ve grown over the past 30 years from US$ 10 Trillion to nearly US$ 80 Trillion in GDP due to all advancements in technology, economy, human science and medicine. But, on the other hand, lifestyle diseases are causing nearly 54% of total deaths.

While everyone wants to grow in their lives, do they want to grow their stress, worries, doubts, anxieties, fears, comparisons and insecurities as well? When none of us wish to scale up our Miseries and sufferings, then why are they growing in alarming proportions?

I also discussed a simple proposition, that if humans can scale their enterprises in a state of fear and anxiety then what are the chances that they will scale even more if they could rid themselves off their fears and other negative emotions?

What is Conscious Entrepreneurship

Consciousness goes way beyond intelligence. For example, the world of psychology concludes that emotions are involuntary in nature and can not be changed or altered. Emotional Intelligence makes us aware of our and others behavior and emotional causes through the study of symptoms. It helps us protect ourselves from other people hurting us and also gives us control over our choices to hurt or not to hurt others. We can always decide not to interact with people when we become aware of our negative patterns. So it helps.

Consciousness is beyond intellect and all its underlying intelligence and thinking patterns. It allows us to overcome the compulsive patterns of involuntary emotions through cognition and eliminations of causative patterns. It allows to choose in the true sense of the word choice. Once, we are conscious, we overcome our compulsive patterns and take decisions that then give us desired results.

As I shared this and deeper aspects of Consciousness, people present went through multiple emotions of shock, disbelief, awe, receptiveness, rejection, and even anxiety. As the talk neared closure, people were full of questions and having now understood a possibility called Conscious Entrepreneurship through which one could scale and succeed Joyfully, they had hope. Even those whose mind was not fully accepting the proposition before them were struggling with their previous beliefs.

Our old conditioned thoughts and formulas that have helped us survive and reach where we are today, become the very bottlenecks stopping the flow of our lives into limitless possibilities. I am happy that such cases were few and not severe. Most people were able to connect with me.

To harness this Possibility

As I closed my talk 15 minutes past 12 leaving 15 minutes for Q&A, people’s questions went on for 45 minutes till 1300 hours. Even in the break, people had questions and were eager to know more.

The most interesting part was when I shared 5 hacks with them using which they could improve their lives and profits within the next 1 week.

Entrepreneurs are amazing people, the moment they get an idea, they know how to exploit it to its full. Here I had shared 5 hacks with them and they were excited. It was a very intelligent and receptive audience.

Undoubtedly, these people will scale considerable heights in their lives. I witnessed hunger and dedication in them. They were eager to learn and eager to grow.

The one thing that I understood was that the world is ready for this concept. And I am now working extensively to take this mission forward.

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