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Complexity of Decisions – Part 4 of 7 (Grace)


Today I share the 4th Step of the 7 steps I promised to share with you. The 4th Step to resolving Complexity of Decisions is by itself a little complex. Once practiced, it becomes really simple, but till then, it can be difficult for some.
After the first 3 steps of Disciplining yourself towards taking decisions, Setting Timelines, and Inclusiveness, the 4th Step of Grace to live with Decisions, becomes the key ingredient for implementation. 
We all live with scepticism. In the name of logic and analysis, we beat ourselves to failures. All the data, logic and analysis is the basic hygiene for our conduct of decision making, everyone must do it. When we overdo it, we start beating ourselves. There is only a certain small percentage of data that is ever available for any decision making, the uncertainty and variable factors far outweigh the available data. I always remain aware of this and using all the available resources, through step 1 to 3, I arrive at my decisions and then plunge myself into execution. I retain my Grace to live with the decisions I have made and live through them in a dynamic and participative manner.
I always remain dispassionate about the decisions I wish to take. My Life does not depend on anything, hence no decision is ever so critical that it will define me. I know and understand it. Hence, I play this game of taking decisions with ease and flow with life. This also means that my decision making process does not produce any anxiety, stress, doubts or apprehensions. My commitment towards the decisions I take remains 100% and my participation remains constant. I have no worries whether the outcome will be good or bad. As long as my participation is total and I am constantly tracking and reviewing my weekly results, improvisations and innovations will occur and desired outcomes will be achieved. And if I do not achieve a desired outcome, then it simply means I need to examine what I did not do right so that I learn and move ahead.
This will be helpful for you if you introspect and identify your inner feelings and limitations that stop you from living with your decisions and remaining doubtful, sceptical, or fearful of the decisions you took.
Have a wonderful day. My weekend went really well and I could meet people who are dear to me, write a lot, eat a variety of dishes, discuss some critical issues and had someone very dear visiting me from Mumbai for his advanced Sadhana. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who truly wish me well.
See you tomorrow when we talk about Step 5 of 7.
Do read the blog 3 to 4 times to get best out of it. Apply it and experience.Share your experience. Your responses help many more. Thank you for some amazing responses from on the blogs that I been publishing. Numerous WhatsApp messages, SMS and phone calls apart from the responses posted on the blog site have been encouraging.
Sameer Kamboj
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    Very interesting again sir. Having the grace to live with your decisions is so important. So many times I’ve personally faced the paralysis of taking any steps just because I’ve attached myself to the fear of a negative outcome. We attach ourselves to our decisions. The key word that struck me the most was DISPASSION. Thank you. This brings about so much clarity. Waiting for the next one now.


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