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Anxiety over Situations


Good Morning Friends,

When our people do not achieve what we needed them to, our confidence in them as well as ourself shakes. To overcome this, we decide to either do things entirely ourselves or we put the fear of God in them or we start looking for alternative people. Each of us has our own way to cope with situations. The fact remains that such situations do give a lot of concerns.
This is an ongoing fact of our business Life. How I tackle it? I simply write down such situations in my Planner and then look for patterns. Once identified, I then sit with people and do a 121 with them to help them realise these patterns in their personal lives. If they realise, they eliminate this and if they don’t then I leave with this thought for a few days. In both cases, I notice the situations improve.
For example, I worked with someone who is an honest and a diligent person but was witnessing delayed deliveries frequently. While he himself was very punctual and would lay a lot of stress on timely deliveries, yet delays would occur. It was fascinating that, even in his personal Life, there were similar patterns of delays. He would reach a venue but his friends would always be late. His family will delay his departure with him getting anxious. Due to this, he lived in constant stress. As we sat together, I made him introspect and he went away with this thought of why it happened with him? After a few days, he came back with realisation that his over emphasis on being on time put him under stress and he always judged people in that light. His expectancy from situations was also that people and things will get delayed. He also realised that somewhere it gave him subtle satisfaction of always being on top since he was on time and others were not. His pre-judged mind and an attitude of being superior combined with his negative expectancy, put people off and in fact, he realised, they avoided to engage with him. As he became more accepting and started to remain happier, his life situations improved and the patterns of delays reduced. On last call, he informed me that his business has been delivering on time for more than 13 months and in fact they are now 1.2 days in advance. He is also happy in his life and surprisingly, his friends seem to like him more and his family members are also waking up to the importance of being punctual! He calls it a miracle!
Just one last word, I need to ensure that I remain in charge of my mind no matter what happens. Situations will continue to happen, I need to continue to do my job of helping my people realise and evolve.
Do share your experiences and thoughts. I am sharing because I am interested in your well being. Are you?
Sameer Kamboj
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    Well quite like my own story. I too am try to be very much on time. I made to possible to my work area. But in family I am still struggling. and It looks i will continue to do so. So now i have accepted it and is very relaxed. My learning is “Take the situation as it comes to you. And Live in present”


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