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Create a 100-year Succession Plan


The best part about this SKC Samarth is the run-up to it. When you choose a topic like “Create a 100-year Succession Plan”, people go through various emotions on hearing this. Some of the top emotions it triggered are:

1. Belief that this is just a marketing rhetoric and one of those fancy titles.
2. Skepticism that how is this possible at all?
3. Shock that here we are stuck in everyday crisis and someone is talking about 100 years!
4. Curiosity about its possibility?

And here we were planning out this day between the core SKC team and our guest speakers Madhur and Mrinal. We considered such possible emotions of many people even when we announced this Samarth. We concluded that this should be attended by only the curious ones. Only those people should attend who have hope and can see beyond their mortality, those who are willing to establish a professional enterprise. We are extremely glad to see that it is going to be a full house tomorrow and that we had to expand our capacity to include more people who wanted to attend.

We have some of the top corporates sending in their entire leadership teams to attend and there are many founders of mid to large corporates who are coming over. We have some profound leaders from the world of technology and management also present. And the entire day is dedicated to exploring the possibility of ‘Creating a 100-year succession plan’. We will examine what is succession and then understand what it takes to establish a Vision and to implement it over a period which the founder will not be alive to witness. Of course, this will require promoters to depend on professionals and vice versa. But why can’t we do this? What is required to ensure that professionals thrive in a family business? How are family run businesses different from Investor run businesses? How to overcome the execution barriers?

I am looking forward to meeting all the delegates and am actively working towards ensuring that everyone walks away with the method of creating their 100-year plan. I intend to break many myths around Succession Planning.


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